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MF Action

All of the action, non of the shakes

5 Modes | Bluetooth Control |

6-8 Hours Battery | 3 – Axis

3-Axis Gimbal

With 3-Axis there is more flexibility in the angles you shoot. 320° Pan/Tilt rotation lets you get the desired angle with smooth footage.


A 3-axis stabilization system completely integrated with the camera cancels out your movements in three directions so it stays still even if your hands shake or wobble. This is the first time this technology is available in a camera you can hold.

The whole gimbal is splashproof

The gimbal is with the design of splashproof, making shooting freely


Easily connect to one of the compatible YI action cameras using the integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0, just turn on bluetooth on your camera, press the gimbal’s shutter button and you’re ready to go.

6-8 Hours
Battery Life

Two 13250 batteries each with a 850mAh capacity gives the MF Action Gimbal a battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge.


Sensor Size – 1/23

Still Resolution – 12Mb

Video Resolution – Up to 4K


Sensor Size – 4/3

Still Resolution – 16Mb

Video Resolution – Up to 4K


Sensor Size – 4/3

Still Resolution – 24Mb

Video Resolution – Up to 4K

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